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25 Unique Guest Book Ideas
Guest books are a great way to personalize any event, remember who you shared the event with, AND makes a fun conversation piece for later :)

#1:  Jenga

#14: Plates

#15: Oars

#16: A Bench

(Punch a whole and use a binder ring to give the guest of honor a mini guest book!)


(I might use Where's Waldo :)

#23: Single Sheet of Pretty Paper (FREE design)

#24: Postcards

#25: Mad Libs

Which one is your favorite? What did you use at your wedding or baby shower? Do you have any other fun guest book ideas? I LOVE the birthday calendar, Jenga, and the bench :)


This cute DIY thank-you card project comes to us straight from wedding and event planner Angela at Oh So Joyous. We love the personalized details, like the monogram stamp and wedding photos that she used.

This thank you pack includes an embossed card and the couple’s favourite wedding photos all wrapped in a pretty little pocket folder and finished off with a ribbon.

What you will need:
  • watermark ink or embossing ink
  • ink of your colour choice (I used black)
  • thermal embossing powder of your colour choice (I used gold)
  • rubber thank you stamp
  • rubber stamp of your choice for front of card (I used a custom monogram stamp)
  • heat gun
  • cards and envelopes
  • ribbon
  • luggage tags
  • pocket folders
  • a selection of your favorite wedding photos


    Here's what to do:
  1. Using a thank you stamp, stamp the luggage tags with the regular ink and put aside.
  2. Press the rubber stamp on the watermark ink and stamp the image on the card by pressing down firmly and removing the stamp quickly.
  3. Shake the thermal embossing powder over the image until it is completely covered. To remove the excess powder tap the card over some paper and then empty this back into the thermal embossing powder container. Make sure the card has no flecks of powder by brushing them off.

  4. Cards-4
  5. Turn on the heat tool and melt the powder this may take a few seconds.
  6. Once you have filled in the cards with your note and enveloped them you can insert the card and photographs into the pocket folder and seal it.
  7. Put the ribbon through the luggage tag and tie it around the pocket folder, finish it off with a tie of your choice and voila!
All images courtesy of Oh So Joyous.

Like what you see? Check out her blog for more creative ideas.

Bola ke bunga

DIY Tissue Pomanders

These step-by-step instructions will show you how to make Marinag’s gorgeous Tissue Pomanders.! (community article)

Styrofoam Balls: Sold at craft stores such as Michaels.  For this guide, Marina used 3” balls.
Tissue Paper: For each pomander, you’ll need approximately 72 sheets of tissue paper cut to be 5” x 7”
Wire: Sold at hardware stores
Wire Cutters: Sold at hardware stores
Cost: $2 - $5 each
Step 1

Cut each sheet of tissue paper to 5” x 7”.

Step 2

Stack 4 sheets of tissue and fan fold all the way up.

Step 3
Tie some wire around the middle of the tissue. You’ll need to play around with it to get a feel for how much you’ll need. Be sure to leave a little extra since that’s what you stick in the Styrofoam.

Step 4
Start pulling the tissue sheets up one at a time. Left then Right.  Continue until all the tissue is pulled up and it looks like a flower.

Step 5
Stick the wire under the flower in the Styrofoam ball.  Keep placing flowers all the way the ball until it’s full.  Play around with the placement to make the flower as tight or loose as you’d like. 

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Design mengikut warna tema anda 
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Fill them with eggs, traditional candy like jordan almonds, 
or snacks like nuts, pretzels or small fruit such as cherries
Size: 78mm at the base, 104mm opening, and 106mm in height (with handle).